Conn. (WTNH) — One of America’s favorite treats is coming back soon, and this time with some new variety.

The Girl Scouts have announced the launch of a new cookie, the Raspberry Rally! This new treat looks incredibly similar to the Thin Mint, one of the Girl Scouts’ most popular cookies. But the Raspberry Rally introduces a tangy, sweet surprise to the fan-favorite.

According to the website, this cookie has a raspberry-flavored inside that’s dipped in a thin layer of chocolate.

While the organization promises customers this cookie is going to be the next big thing, it’s only available to order online. To order, the site says to find a local Girl Scout, and they’ll place the order for you. Then, it’s shipped directly to your home.

This online ordering system will allow Girl Scouts to hone their skills in e-commerce, according to the website.

But if you’re more of a traditional Girl Scouts cookie-eater, you’re probably waiting for the troops to come knocking, or to be waiting outside your local grocery store.

Troops will begin their annual cookie sales on Feb. 27, according to the website, which is only a few weeks away. So get your wallets ready, Thin Mint and Tagalong-lovers!