NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Native Nutmeggers know that New Haven is the pizza capital of the world, and now thanks to a well-known businessman that title is getting some national attention.

New Haven is known for its pizza and the founder of Lifestyle’s company Barstool Sports wants everyone to know that.

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“A bad pizza in New Haven is better than 99 percent than everything else,” Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports says.

Dave Portnoy was hit hard on Twitter by people from New York and New Jersey after he tweeted this:

So what makes New Haven pizza the best?

“It’s my style – I like the coal fire, I like the well done, I like the crispy,” Portnoy explains. “I’ve been going to Connecticut my whole life. I’m a Massachusetts guy, the Hartford Whalers, all that stuff.”

Portnoy’s love of Connecticut has a few people suggesting he change careers, like possibly run for mayor? “I’d get fat, I couldn’t live in New Haven because I would weigh three zillion pounds,” he laughs.

And his favorite: “Everything in New Haven is good but Sally’s is my favorite place in the world.”