NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — With Moderna’s request to the FDA for authorization of a booster or fourth COVID-19 shot for all adults, many are wondering how many boosters we will need and if we’ll be getting boosted annually.

Yale Medicine Infectious Diseases Physician Albert Shaw weighed in.

“I think that will ultimately come from the CDC, so I think we’ll have to see how the data look. It’s certainly possible that a booster might be ultimately required or recommended for people with weak immune system or for older adults,” Shaw said.

As of last Saturday, March 12, the CDC said the COVID variant BA.2 makes up nearly a quarter of all new cases in the U.S. A range of estimates show the sub-variant is between 30 and 80% more transmissible but so far the country’s chief medical advisor is not panicking.

WATCH: Dr. Albert Shaw, Yale Medicine infectious diseases specialist, joins us to discuss Moderna seeking FDA authorization for a second COVID booster for adults and a new variant spreading in New Jersey

“It doesn’t appear to be any more severe, nor does it appear to evade immune responses of vaccines or prior infection. However, it is spreading more efficiently,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said.

With widespread unmasking happening and warmer weather finally here, health officials do not want people taking a carefree attitude about COVID-19, letting their guards down because the number of cases is low right now.

“I think something that we’ve said throughout this pandemic is that boy, we’re done with this virus, but it’s always been abundantly clear that the virus isn’t necessarily always already done with us, and I think that continues to be true,” Shaw said.