NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Yale New Haven Health has a new tool to help keep people all over Connecticut healthy. WTNH was the first television station to get a look at their latest mobile mammography van. It is the first van in the country with both 3D mammography and ultrasound technology.

“This is our standard of care for Yale New Haven Hospital so you can have the same imaging on this bus that we have in all of our brick and mortars,” says Jacquelyn Crenshaw, Senior Manager of Yale New Haven Breast Imaging.

Yale New Haven Health was the first to bring 3D breast imaging to Connecticut. Crenshaw says turning to 3D imaging in 2011 cut their recall rate by 40 percent.

This brand new mobile mammography vehicle will bring that technology to patients in all parts of Connecticut.

“We noted statistically a lot of the inner city patients do not come out of their community so we go to them,” adds Crewnshaw.

I had the honor of being the very first patient to get a mammogram in the new vehicle. I had my temperature taken upon arrival, answered questions and was prepped.

Yale mammography technologist Coretha Thomas then puts me into place for my first set of breast images. Getting a mammogram is not painful and does not take very long. The turnaround for results can be quick as well.

My experience getting my annual mammogram in this new van was just like going to a hospital.

The van is currently helping the Yale New Haven Health system make up for a backlog of appointments after so much was shut down in the spring. It will eventually be travelling to all parts of Connecticut.

The van is not taking walk-ins so people are encouraged to schedule a mammogram appointment ahead of time.