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Your most common questions about the Sirtfood diet


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Dr. Artur Viana of Yale Medicine answers your common questions regarding the Sirtfood diet craze.

What is the Sirtfood diet?

“They recommend eating specific foods which are quite health foods such as kale, soy, also red wine for example. But they do also advocate to restrict calories. So what they say is to eat about 1000 calories a day for the first three days and then stick to about 1500 calories. So if you’re taking that amount of calories, you are likely to lose weight.”  

Why is it appealing?

“If I tell you that you can have your dark chocolate and your wine, I think are more likely to follow that diet because you are going to be able to eat things you enjoy.”

Is it safe?

“Very hard to ascertain if it’s safe or not because there aren’t any studies that have looked at the diet long term. And if you do restrict yourself the amount they advocate like a 1000 calories a day, that’s definitely not safe, especially if you’re not in a medically supervised environment.”

What is concerning about the Sirtfood diet?

Dr. Viana says — drinking red wine. “While we think it’s likely safe for women to have one drink a day and men to have two drinks a day, many people that have obesity, may also have liver disease that they don’t know about and that amount of alcohol intake, even though maybe healthy, if you have an underlying liver disease, it might be too much for you.”

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