She stands out in the high stakes world of venture capital.

She’s a mother to three children, and wife to the most powerful man in the state. 

News 8’s Jocelyn Maminta with an exclusive conversation with the new First Lady of Connecticut. 

In the stressful challenging and grueling world of politics – the likes of Annie Lamont are not often seen.

“I’m excited about life. You know life is short and we have so many things that we want to accomplish.”

Two election losses for husband Ned Lamont: one for U.S. Senate and one for governor, led to a third and winning race.

“It’s really important to hear what everyone has to say and understand what are the issues in their lives and get their perspective so I think it’s always really a healthy process to campaign but it’s also challenging.  You know it’s like a war because of the opponent.”  

Ned Lamont was sworn in as the 89th governor of Connecticut on January 9th. It was a mission the tight knit family of five embraced.

“Emily our oldest, left her job, worked with Ned over the year. It was hugely helpful to me so that I could stay engaged with my work and know that she was watching his back.” 

Annie is a noted veteran investor in healthcare and financial technology but her role as First Lady she says is to support her husband.

“It’s clearly a hard job. I’m a sounding board in the morning. I’m a sounding board at night.” 

“I do know something about health care so I try to, it’s such a convoluted area and I do try to support him and educate him on that. Part of my life’s work has been to lower costs and improve quality in health care and we have a long way to go in that front.”

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The venture capitalist knows a little something about breaking glass ceilings.

“I just never had a chip on my shoulder. I just always felt like I needed to be the one, not just the smartest person in the room but the person that was most well educated on the topic.” 

And the person with whom she has found the greatest success; her partner of 35 years.

“Ned and I have always been a team and I think my successes are his and his successes are mine.  And I think that I couldn’t have been as successful. if he wasn’t as supportive as he was.” 

 “When you have a partner in life, everything is easier.” 

Oh, one more thing. Don’t call her Ann; it’s Annie. 

“Ann is my formal name. I think my friends called me that. Ned, when he met me, he liked that name. Maybe I never grew up. It’s my love of life and I’m still an Annie.”

That’s Annie, Annie Lamont, First Lady of Connecticut.

More about Annie: she grew up in the Midwest in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin – yes she’s a Packers fan.   

She graduated from Stanford as a political science major, who founded two investment companies.

And in 2007, she was number 50 on the Forbes Midas list.

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