SHELTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Even though there has been talk of a Christmas Tree shortage this season, Jones Family Farm in Shelton wants to assure everyone they have a wide variety of threes starting this weekend.

Jones Family Farm has been selling Christmas trees since 1947, and every year more and more people visit the farm to harvest their own trees.

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Storm Team 8’s Ashley Baylor got a look around the farm on Thursday with Farmer Tom.

“For every tree that’s harvested here on our farm, we’re growing another one,” Tom explained.

This means you won’t need to worry about a shortage at Jones.

“We are transplanting from our nursery out to the field where they’ve been harvested. So, we have an abundance of beautiful, healthy trees for guests to select from.”

In fact, they plant more trees than are harvested in case some don’t survive due to drought or excessive rain. The topography of the farm is also helpful; the rolling hills help disperse the moisture.

With 200 acres of trees, it’s incredible to think they prune, mulch, and water each tree by hand, so whether it’s a Douglas Fir, Balsam Fir, or Blue Spruce, there is no dought you’ll find the perfect one for your family.

And if you want to keep that tree beautiful through Christmas, Farmer Tom recommends you keep it watered. If you opt to buy a pre-cut tree, give it a fresh cut before you put it up.

If you’re heading to Jones Family Farm anytime this season, reservations are required on weekends from Nov. 20-Dec. 12, but you can show up anytime on weekdays. They provide saws and string for your to tie your tree onto your roof, but if you’re going after a large tree or multiple trees, you might want to bring a tarp.