SHELTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Christmas in August? For the Naqvi family of Shelton, it’s Christmas almost the entire year — as they like to say. Plus, it’s 2020, so anything goes.

As young businessmen, 12-year-old Ayaan, and 13-year-old Mika’il “Mickey” have found a way to prevent your favorite ornaments from falling off the tree and breaking.

“A lot of our precious ornaments over the years have fallen and broken,” said Ayaan.

So, he and his brother decided to do something about it.

Ayaan was a fourth-grade student with an upcoming Christmas fair when he came up with the idea of creating something that would secure the ornaments to the tree, and the Ornament Anchor was born.

“During the fair, everyone was coming over to my booth like, ‘Where can I buy it? Where can I buy it?’ I knew at that moment, I had to make it an actual product.”

They put their plan into action, with Mika’il handling much of the behind the scenes element.

“The patent, our website and I booked all the events for Christmas fairs,” Mika’il said.

Production was soon underway.

“I looked on Amazon,” said Ayaan. “I figured out all the different components we would need. We bought them. We were making them with string, glue and the little toggle we bought. I was just putting them together.”

The two boys saw a movie that featured a girl, who through perseverance, got her self on QVC.

And the boys said their eyes lit up like…well, Christmas trees.

“We looked at each other, and we were like, ‘We belong on QVC,'” said Mika’il said.

The boys pitched the idea, and QVC went for it and featured their anchors, which come in green and red.

“Green is great for blending in, but for some ornaments you want to stand out, red is usually good,” said Mika’il.

The boys now have their own website. The anchors can also be purchased on Amazon.

The boys’ parents are also entrepreneurs. They were on “Shark Tank” with a positive parenting solution, Kudo Banz. It worked like a sticker chart that goes on a child’s wrist and builds kids’ confidence — something you can see in Ayaan and Mika’il.