PROSPECT, Conn. (WTNH) — A waitress at a restaurant in Prospect received nearly $2,000 in a single tip during her shift this weekend, showing a true example of paying-it-forward.

The waitress, who works at The Kitchen in Prospect Bar and Grill, was saying goodbye to customers at a table she was serving, but they weren’t ready to leave just yet. In a video posted on social media on Sunday, the waitress asks, “Why is everyone videoing me?” One of the customers tells her to look down at the bill, where she saw a stack of money. She proceeded to count the bills – totaling $1,920 – and began to cry.

Another co-worker noted in the video that the event was actually planned; one of the customers who left the tip had posted on Facebook that he wanted to surprise a waitress in the area who was in need of some help, and the co-worker from Prospect restaurant reached out.

One of the customers in on the generous tip called the ‘Shock -N-Clause 2021’ event a success.

The waitress, along with the generous group, all embraced.