If what’s under the tree and in your stocking didn’t quite deliver on that wishlist? 

Have no fear, you’re not alone. 

Americans return nearly $90 billion worth of gifts over the holidays. If returns are in your future, keep in mind the window to make the swap, could be closing.

Look at those gift receipts and check them twice. Some stores give you just 15 days. Others, as many as 30 to 45.

To make returns, a number of the biggest retailers including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Amazon extend return policies over the holidays. But beware: not all products are included under that umbrella. 

The good news: with many companies are now offering free shipping. There’s a chance you can skip that trip to the mall.  

If you do decide to brave the crowds -the busiest days for returns are historically December 26th and 27th.

Plus, the days and weeks ahead are the most wonderful time of the year to stock up on heavily discounted holiday decor, bedding, winter wear, and exercise equipment.

Finally, turn those unwanted gift cards into cash with apps like gift card granny and card pool.