(WTNH) – On September 2, 2021, extratropical Storm Ida made its way into the Northeast. The storm dumped nine inches of rain in parts of Connecticut and caused catastrophic damage to the subways of New York City.

Streets were submerged with water, causing stranded motorists, flooded basements, and major flooding along our rivers and streams. The first-ever flash flood emergency was issued.

Ida’s remnants were so serious, a Connecticut State Police Trooper was killed on the job.

Almost a decade earlier, Tropical Storm Irene took a track along the western border of Connecticut on August 27, 2011, generating waves as high as 8 to 10 feet at the shore, and causing devastating flooding and erosion. The storm dropped 4 to 8 inches across the state.

It’s always important to remember to never walk or drive through floodwaters. People should evacuate low-lying areas if told to do so and you should always make sure your home is protected with flood insurance.