(WTNH) – If you live along the shoreline, you should have a plan in case you need to evacuate. If you live inland, you should look at the trees around your property.

There are over 800 million beautiful trees in Connecticut, and some may be unsafe near your home. Overhead wires and vehicles pose a hazard this hurricane season even if you prune and trim them yourself, the dangers are hidden.

“A lot of times, the trees with a full canopy are the first to go down when we have high winds,” said Kyle of K & J Tree Service.

To think, it only takes 55 mile per hour winds to topple trees over, especially if it has been a rainy pattern.

“The root structure is kind of shallow across top of lawn surface saturated ground with a leaning canopy plus next time we get wind these trees topple right over,” Kyle said.

Kyle said the tree structure is important and another hazard not so obvious to just a homeowner.

“A double stem crotch that’s beginning to split such minimal amount, you don’t notice from the ground, but water is getting inside the water travels inside rotting the tree from the inside out,” Kyle said.

Another hidden problem for tree health is certain tiny invasive pests weakening trees that have been here for many years.

“Emerald ash borer which has destroyed the canopy of ash trees throughout the state and gypsy moth going after oak trees eating leaves and killing them off,” Kyle said.

So, what’s the best way to make a decision about the trees near your home? Don’t guess. Get in touch with a tree expert!