5 proven strategies to deal with stress

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(ABC News) – Feeling overwhelmed by all of life’s demands?

When work, school, or relationships seem to be asking more than you can handle, your mind can feel strained.

High levels of stress can lead to difficulty sleeping, weaker immune systems and even heart disease.

But not to worry, the American Psychology Association recommends these five tips to help.

One, take a break from the stressor. Giving yourself time and space can make you feel recharged and even give you new perspective.

Two, exercise! Twenty minutes of walking, swimming or just dancing in your room can quickly reduce stress!

Three, turn that frown upside down. Our minds and our facial expressions are so connected that smiling and laughing can actually release the stress we often hold on our face.

Four, call a friend. Getting support from someone who understands and validates you can really help you feel better.

And finally, meditate. Like exercise, even meditating briefly can have immediate positive effects.

Do any of these five things and manage your stress better.


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