What a study reveals you should consider doing to keep your brain sharp

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(ABC News) – New research suggests going back to class after retirement might do your brain a whole lot of good.

Advice from a new study coming out of UC Riverside: to keep your brain in tip top shape, keep learning, even when you’re older.

Researchers tested if learning new skills could help to improve memory and attention in people age 58-72.

But instead of learning just one skill, they were told to learn several- between three and five over three months.

That workload is equivalent to a college semester’s education. The classes included photography, drawing and music composition, and even how to use an iPad.

By the end of the three months, their short term memory and attention had dramatically improved. They were performing about the same as people 30 years younger.

The advice to us all as we age: be a sponge, absorb as much information from as many difference places as possible, and get your brain firing.

At this rate, the next generation of painters, musicians and tech experts may come from unexpected places.

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