Conn. (WTNH) — News 8’s meteorologist Ashley Baylor is combining her love for weather and New England in a new children’s book, due later this year.

The book, dubbed “Storms and Snow, Skis and Sox!,” will drop on August 1 via Globe Pequot Press.

Over the years, Baylor visited several schools for meteorologist visits, and each time, she said she had very limited choices of books to read to the younger children. While there’s Dr. Seuss’ books and weather-specific pieces like “Freddy the Frogcaster,” she “wanted to create something different,” offering context for a broader range of readers from ages four to 10.

“Storms and Snow, Skis and Sox!” follows a character named Teddy who talks about all the best parts of New England, from weather to sports and travel destinations. Teddy takes the reader through a year of his life, offering month-to-month descriptions of where he travels and what he’s seeing along the way.

“That was my goal,” Baylor said, “creating a book for these kids that has a different dynamic than others and tells a different story. One that hopefully gets kids out there who want to learn about the weather and something else about New England.”

While kids are certainly curious about weather phenomena — as she’s heard from her school visits — she had to break down weather facts on a smaller scale. She said that one of the most difficult parts of writing the book was figuring out how to describe things like a nor’easter to a five-year-old.

So, how’d she pull it off? Each page offers a fun-fact box, delving into further detail explaining weather terms on a simpler level. The fact box also offers unique statistics as a little history lesson for readers, like what a nor’easter actually is, or how much snow Connecticut received during a certain storm.

In terms of writing, Baylor started working on the book back in 2018 after her daughter was born. She would write a little, stop, and pick it up again. She encouraged fellow writers to take a couple weeks or a month break, if necessary, during the writing process, noting that it’s imperative not to force anything. Forcing yourself to write can limit creativity, Baylor said, noting that the best inspiration may come when you least expect it.

“The best part about writing [Storms and Snow, Skis and Sox!] was seeing it come to fruition, hoping everyone enjoys it, and throwing everything I love into one book,” Baylor said. “I love New England. I’ve lived in so many places, but to me, this is always going to be my home and the best place to live because of everything New England has to offer.”

She hopes the book will inspire kids to keep an eye on the sky and have the urge to travel to the best parts of the states in the region.

Although this is Baylor’s debut, she’s nowhere near done with her career as an author. She already has a second book in-the-works, where she plans to focus on her other love: animals.

Pre-order “Storms and Snow, Skis and Sox!” on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.