Candidate profile: Andrew Yang

New Hampshire Primary

(NEXSTAR) — After the 2008 recession, businessman Andrew Yang, 45, launched the nonprofit Venture for America, which focused on helping the next generation of entrepreneurs gain the skills needed to create jobs. Yang was recognized as a “Champion of Change” by then-President Barack Obama in 2012.

Key political positions


Yang claims he appreciates the “spirit” of Medicare for All, but that it’s the incorrect focus.Yang calls his healthcare plan a “New Way Forward” for healthcare and wants to focus on comprehensive care, well-being, controlling prescription drug price,  and investing in innovative technology for healthcare.


Yang’s main economic policy centers around what he calls the “Freedom Dividend” — a $1,000/month “stipend” for which every American over the age of 18 would qualify. Yang’s campaign claims that this dividend would permanently grow the economy by approximately $2.5 trillion by 2025 as well as increase the labor force by 4.5-4.7 billions people. Yang’s website also touts a plan to empower American workers and unions in the coming years.


Much like many of his Democratic opponents, Yang’s immigration policy focuses mainly on creating a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already in the U.S.and supporting the Dream Act. Also, much like other Dems in the field, Yang is against the building of a wall on the southern border, calling it too one-dimensional in scope. 

Climate change

Yang’s plan to combat the climate crisis includes a move away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy with public financing to help individuals make that move. Yang’s climate plan also includes moving U.S. citizens to higher ground to avoid some of the issues already caused by global warming, increasing research to attempt to reverse some of the damage already done to the environment, and the U.S. taking a leading role in world Climate Change issues.

Gun reform

Yang takes a more centrist approach to gun control than many of his fellow Democrats, acknowledging the importance of gun ownership, and the need to respect that, to segments of society. His website does call for a non-specific ban on “the most dangerous weapons.” Yang also cites the need to address the causes of gun violence such as physical confrontations and domestic violence.


As with many policy platforms, Yang mirrors his Democratic rivals on the subject of education. He poses a multi-tiered plan that includes reducing student loan debt, controlling higher education costs, and making community college more affordable, promoting vocational education and increasing teacher salaries among a number of other elements.

More information about Yang’s political beliefs or viewpoints can be found on his website.

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