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New Hampshire Primary

(NEXSTAR) — Pete Buttigieg, 38, would be the youngest person ever to become president should he claim the Democratic nomination and unseat Donald Trump in November. He is also the first openly gay candidate to run for the position. Buttigieg earned the nickname “Mayor Pete” while serving as Mayor of South Bend, Indiana from 2012-2020. Buttigieg was deployed as a naval intelligence officer in Afghanistan during his first term as Mayor of South Bend, having served in the Naval Reserve since 2009.

Key political positions


Buttigieg has presented a plan he calls “Medicare for All Who Want It” — a plan that would allow people to opt into an “affordable, comprehensive public alternative.” According to his website, this plan would cost much less than the more ambitious “Medicare for All” plans being proposed by more progressive candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The Buttigieg plan would also focus on mental health, addiction, women’s health and lower prescription drug prices among other initiatives.


Mayor Pete’s agenda starts by lowering costs for American families including: housing, child care, college, health care, and prescription costs and protect consumers’ rights. 

Buttigieg wants to raise minimum wage to $15, ensure all working families have access to paid sick leave and 12 weeks of comprehensive paid family and medical leave, and increase incomes by an average of $1,000 per year for 35 million American families.


Buttigieg believes that each immigrant who is working and paying taxes should have a path to citizenship. According to his website, within the first 100 days, he “will push for legislation that provides a mechanism to gain legal status and ultimately citizenship, including for people with temporary protections—Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Temporary Protected Status (TPS), Deferred Enforced Departure (DED), and withholding of removal.”

Climate change

Like other Democrats, Buttigieg plans to make the U.S. a net-zero emission society by 2050. His plan includes three parts:

  • Build a clean economy and reduce emissions across the electricity, transportation, industrial, and agricultural sectors. 
  • Invest in resilience — help communities understand and manage their risks and focusing on infrastructure and disaster preparedness.
  • Demonstrate leadership  — restore American leadership and put the world on a path to meet the Paris Agreement’s goals.

Gun reform

The former mayor of South Bend supports universal background checks and wants to establish a nationwide gun licensing system. He also wants to place a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.


Buttigieg’s focus would be on early childhood education by investing early and prioritizing equity. Part of that plan includes:

  • Providing affordable, universal full-day child care and pre-K for all children from infancy to age 5, serving more than 20 million children with a landmark $700 billion investment.
  • Creating over 1 million new, good-paying child development jobs.
  • Narrowing academic opportunity gaps between students in high-income and low-income districts.
  • Tripling funding for Title 1 schools (schools with large concentrations of low-income students) and eliminate the wage gap for Title I teachers.
  • Launching the Education Access Corps to prepare and retain future educators to teach in Title I schools.
  • Doubling the proportion of new teachers and school leaders of color in 10 years.
  • Giving every child access to after-school programs and summer learning opportunities.

More information about Buttigieg’s political beliefs or viewpoints can be found on his website.

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