LITTLE HARBOR, N.H. (WTNH) – Two Connecticut residents were rescued Saturday after the boat they were on caught on fire in New Hampshire.

Just after 4 p.m., New Hampshire E-911 received a call of a boat on fire, which was happening on Little Harbor.

New Hampshire State Police said the vessel, a 70-foot 2007 Marlow, was heading toward a marina when a passenger noticed black smoke below deck. According to passengers, the boat filled completely with smoke within minutes.

Three passengers and two family dogs jumped overboard as the boat became engulfed in flames, New Hampshire State Police said. Two of the passengers were New Canaan residents.

All of the passengers were rescued by nearby boats and taken to shore. They were brought to Portsmouth Hospital where they were treated and released, New Hampshire State Police said, adding the dogs are safe and doing well.

The vessel drifted out of the harbor across the state line into Maine and efforts to save the boat were unsuccessful. It sank in waters off Kittery, Maine within two hours of the initial call, New Hampshire State Police said.

The cause of the fire is unknown.