NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A little girl’s final wish was made possible at Lighthouse Point Park on Tuesday, July 12.

Pictures of Eliana Palacio, in her kiddie pool and long before she was bedridden in the hospital, show happier times for the 4-year-old who has faced many challenges in her young life.

She’s never walked on her own but the Mystic girl always loved the water and the beach.

“Anything we can do for this little girl and her family to make it a more comforting time we’re gonna do,” said Middletown Police canine officer Jason Bodel.

Service and patrol dogs from Middletown, Groton, Berlin, and all across the state along with their handlers stood outside Yale-New Haven Hospital’s emergency department to greet Eliana who celebrated her fourth birthday in the hospital last month.

The PICU team and the pediatric critical care team helped make one final wish come true.

You see, today Eliana who has mitochondrial disease now complicated by COVID is going to the beach with her family for the very last time.

“See you in a bit, Yanni. See you at the beach,” said her parents Christine and Richard. “To the beach. To the beach.”

“Ah they’re moved,” said Fraser Weir who was touched by their appreciation.

He is a pediatric flight paramedic at Yale-New Haven Hospital and he spearheaded this herculean effort to safely get Eliana to Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven.

A caravan of police cars and motorcycles escorted Eliana who was taken by a special pediatric critical care ambulance.

“To have this wish for her and her parents has been a miracle,” said Eliana’s grandmother Karen Dole.

For a few special moments today, Eliana was able to hear the crash of the waves and breathe in the salty air again.

“I think that the sound of the beach and the smell has given her a little life,” said Dole.

This day has also given many a chance to see this special young lady who has been in the hospital since late January.

This all came together in just 5 days because it was last Sunday that the family found out Eliana has lesions on her brain. Fraser Weir asked the family if they had a last wish for her.

He and his team then made this trip to the beach a reality.

“She had a fever of 107 two weeks ago and this is the most that she’s been alert in over two weeks,” said Dole.

After spending more than an hour at the beach, Eliana made it back to Yale-New Haven Hospital safely. Weir told News 8 he wouldn’t relax until she was back in her bed at the hospital.

News 8 learned on Monday that Eliana Palacio has passed away.