Conn. (WTNH) — This Week in Connecticut History, a story on what could be the saddest victory ever.

April 13, 1997

The Hartford Whalers hit the ice at the Civic Center for the very last time in front of a packed house of heartbroken fans.

“At any moment, I might just start bawling,” one fan said, noting that “it’s like your best friend is moving.”

After an 18-year run in the NHL — and only three winning seasons — the team’s new owners said the small arena and lagging ticket sales meant it was time to go.

On April 13, The Whalers won their last game, beating Tampa Bay 2-1.

After the win, they skated around and said goodbye to their loyal fans.

While The Whalers became the Carolina Hurricanes, the nostalgia and the logo live on, remaining to this day one of hockey’s biggest sellers.