This Week in Connecticut History, Geno Auriemma led the UConn women to their first NCAA championship.

April 2, 1995

After a decade as head coach, Auriemma helped the team cap-off an undefeated feeling.

“An unbelievable feeling,” Rebecca Lobo said of the win. ” You don’t know how to feel because you’ve never experienced it before.”

“In a fairy tale world, this is the way its supposed to end,” Auriemma said.

This was just the start of the monumental dynasty this team would become. The numbers are outrageous with six undefeated seasons and 11 national championships — including a repeat and conference that won them a winning streak of 169 games.

In Storrs, winning was about to become a way of life, but the pathway was started that April afternoon in ’95.

Years from now, UConn may have another outstanding team, but don’t be surprised if you hear this observation.  Yeah this team’s pretty good, but you should have seen the team with Rebecca, Pam, Jen, Cara, Jamel, Nikisha, and Carla. Now that team — that team was something special.