MIDDLEBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — News 8’s 75th celebration continues all year long, but we found another Connecticut institution that’s been around even longer in the state.

Middlebury’s Quassy Amusement Park is celebrating 115 years this season.

“We’re excited. I mean, just the whole season, seasons could be a celebration,” Quassy co-owner George Frantzis said.

Over 100 years in the state means that the park is filled with heritage.

“That’s the beautiful thing about this park — so much history and heritage behind it — and our family being involved with it since the mid thirties,” Frantzis said. “This used to be a trolley park and it used to be owned by the Trolley Company, the electric company. My grandfather and three of his buddies saw an opportunity, the land of opportunity. And here we are.”

This year, Quassy is launching a new ride, dubbed Super Himalaya.

What’re Frantzis’ three favorite things about Quassy? Roller coasters, tradition, and amusement park food, he said.

“And you can’t go wrong with the Wooden Warrior Roller Coaster,” Frantzis said.