(WTNH)–A former attorney for Fotis Dulos is in trouble with the law over his own bitter divorce.

Kent Mawhinney was charged with violating a protective order after he allegedly used Fotis Dulos to try to arrange a meeting with his estranged wife.

Mawhinney was charged with spousal rape in February and ordered not to make contact.

The alleged attempts by Dulos to set up a meeting or conversation between Mawhinney and his wife occurred just days before Dulos’s estranged wife Jennifer went missing on May 24th.

Mawhinney represented Dulos in a civil case filed against him and his business in an attempt to recover money owed.

Mawhinney stepped down from the case shortly after Dulos himself was charged with hindering prosecution and evidence tampering related to the disappearance of Jennifer Farber Dulos.

According to court documents obtained by News 8, but first reported by the Hartford Courant, the victim alleges Fotis Dulos reached out to her on May 16th to try and facilitate a Facetime conversation between the couple.

The complaint alleges Dulos told her that Mawhinney would like to work things out but with conditions that they would sort out the “legal mess” and go away on vacation together in order to rekindle the relationship.

The warrant says that the victim then told Dulos she would consider it under her own conditions, including that he treat her with respect, go to Alcoholics Anonymous and get counseling.

The victim, with a friend, met Dulos at Max’s Oyster Bar on May 19th. The warrant states that the victim told Dulos she would only meet or talk with lawyers present. Dulos called the next day to say that Mawhinney agreed to her conditions and to meet with lawyers present.

Things took a turn the next day, after a number of conversations. The warrant alleges that the victim told Dulos she would not go forward with any meeting or conversation.

The warrant alleges that the victim told police she felt she was being “baited” by Dulos. She told police that she was uncomfortable with Dulos inviting her to his home and that she believed Dulos was “indebted” to her husband.

Only days later, Jennifer Farber Dulos went missing after dropping her children off at school in new Canaan.

Dulo’s criminal attorney Norm Pattis responded to the accusations by telling the Hartford Courant that the victim’s allegations are “ridiculous” and that she only wanted her “15 minutes of fame”.

Mawhinney’s attorney Lee Gold told News 8’s George Colli that he had no comment at this time.

Mawhinney is free on bond from both charges of sexual assault and violating a protective order.


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