(WTNH)–Fotis Dulos’ legal team has filed two motions this week in the case of missing mom, Jennifer Dulos; one to drop all criminal charges in the case and one to reposition Fotis’ GPS tracker.

On Wednesday, Dulos’ legal team filed a motion to dismiss charges against Fotis in the case of missing mother of five, Jennifer Dulos.

The motion claims that the investigation rushed to identify Fotis as a suspect and that there is insufficient evidence to warrant further proceedings in the case.

Fotis was charged with Hindering Prosecution and Tampering with Evidence. His then girlfriend Michelle Troconis also received those charges.

The motion argues that the state neither showed evidence that Fotis ‘tampered with physical evidence’ nor showed evidence that the defendant knew that an ‘official proceeding was pending’.

On Thursday, the legal team requested to get Fotis’ GPS bracelet moved from his leg to his arm. Fotis claims the bracelet is irritating him and cutting his skin.

Fotis’ Attorneys said the company that makes and monitors the bracelets in Stamford has agreed to the change.

Fotis’ next court appearance for his criminal charges is on August 2nd.

Jennifer went missing two months ago on May 24th.

Read the full motion to dismiss charges here:

See below for the full motion to switch GPS bracelets.