8 Tips to Clean Gutters Safely


(WTNH)–Thousands are injured across the United States falling off of a ladder every single year and one of the biggest reasons you’re probably going on to a ladder is to clean out the gutter. It’s the time of the year to do that, so here are 8 tips.

Tip number 1: Even if the leaves haven’t completely fallen, clean gutters now. If not, this could be the expensive result if you forget once it snows.Related Content:Is your home ready for the winter weather?

Number 2: Always wear protective gloves when cleaning the gutters. Sharp debris and sticks are impossible to see under the leaves.

Number 3 is ladder safety. Always put your ladder on a flat surface, and make sure someone is around to spot you.

Number 4: Watch out for power lines near your gutters!

The fifth tip can help make cleaning the gutters much easier.Related Content: Prepping your home now to save money later

“Instead of putting your hand in the gutter, use this, scoop out the leaves, flip it over and you’re good to go. Keep on scooping it out and it keeps your hands pretty clean.” Mentioned David Katz, owner of Goody’s Hardware in East Haven.

If you’re not keen on even climbing a ladder and your gutters aren’t too high up, there’s a solution. That solution is a cleaning tool that sprays high pressure water on a long stick to a garden hose.

Katz showed, “You hook up to the garden hose, put some pressure in there, and it washes the leaves down to the downspout and cleans it without you getting dirty.”

Number 6: Clean out your downspouts. Clear the bottom with your hand, and flush the top out with a garden hose.

Tip 7: Get gutter guards. Some systems can be installed easily by the homeowner and cost as little as $200 for materials!

The final tip is that if you’re not comfortable climbing onto a ladder or cleaning out the gutters yourself, the best advice is to just call and hire a professional!

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