8 Winter Hacks from Storm Team 8

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)- Our Storm Team 8 meteorologists have your back with some handy tricks to get you through the winter!1. Pet-Friendly De-Icers Are Best. When de-icing a walkway or deck, use a pet-friendly (salt and chlorine free) de-icer. Why? You wouldn’t want to be walking on chemicals that could hurt you, so don’t make Fido or Whiskers have to! – Meteorologist Kevin Arnone

2. Use a Frost Guard on Your Windshield. Save time when freezing rain or ice threatens by using a cover that sits over your windshield when you park your car. Why? The ice collects on the shield leaving the glass underneath fine – Chief Meteorologist Gil Simmons

3. Wear Layers! Why? I run outdoors a lot in the winter and find that layering is the key to regulating my body temperature and keeping me warm but not overheating. A pair of running tights of long underwear do just the trick to keep me comfortably warm under my suit, too! – Senior Meteorologist Fred Campagna

4. Clean Off Your Car. Visit the car wash frequently during the winter months. Why? Salt, sand and pre-treatments on the road collect onto your car and can cause erosion and rust that can cause thousands of dollars to fix. –  Meteorologist Sam Kantrow

5. Be Careful Crossing Grooves. When driving during heavy snow, be very careful crossing the tire grooves on the highway that show up in the slush and snow. I usually take my foot off of the gas and brake pedals when I cross ” the grooves” to allow the vehicle’s weight and momentum to safely take me to the next lane. If you step on the brake or gas, the tires have uneven traction causing people to spin-out! – Chief Meteorologist Gil Simmons

6. Lift Your Wipers. Lift them off your windshield before the snow/ice begins. Why? This helps snow and ice from sticking to the wipers. After scraping your windshield your wipers will behave like they should instead of leaving streaks across your windshield due to clumps of ice stuck to the blades. – Senior Meteorologist Fred Campagna

7. Heat Safely. Keep heaters 3-feet away from objects including walls. Why? Prevent fires from igniting near the heat source. – Meteorologist Sam Kantrow

8. Shovel With Ease. To make shoveling easier, spray your shovel with nonstick cooking spray or silicone-based lubricant.Why? This will help prevent snow from sticking onto your shove. – Meteorologist Kevin Arnone

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