A Cannabis Cottage Industry In Connecticut

NEW HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) — Take a stroll inside the office of Cannabis Consultants of Connecticut in New Haven…and you won’t find marijuana.

You will however, find two nurses who are connecting Connecticut to cannabis in many ways.

“The interest has been, I can’t even begin to answer all the calls at this point. Respond to all the emails, the interest has been something that I haven’t even imagined,” said Kebra Smith-Bolden of Cannabis Consultants of CT and CannaHealth.

Many Connecticut residents are ready to jump into opportunity, but the process can be tricky.

That’s where this small business looks to help.

“Anything in Cannabis from A to Z.  The business side if you want to open a dispensary. If you want to grow a facility there is a licensing process – application process we will help you with that support you through that,” said Smith-Bolden.

Also filling the health coverage gap for patients, who may be looking towards medical marijuana to feel better.

“To help people navigate through the certification process. Help decide if cannabis is a viable treatment method for whatever their illness. Is there a qualifying diagnosis, because you also have to qualify,” said Smith-Bolden.

There are now many ways to consume cannabis these days.

You can eat it, drink it or even take a pill.

“If someone has lung cancer, smoking would not be the best viable options for them,” said Smith-Bolden.

Some may also not want the effect of getting high, which can be removed while still maintaining the medicinal benefits of the plant.

“That’s incredibly important when we are talking about kids or the elderly,” said Zachary Nere, President of Zack Attacks Cancer.

Zachary Nere is an advocate for patients looking to use cannabis.

He is motivated by his own success fighting cancer with cannabis oil and lifestyle change.

“I had originally 19 tumors, and that got down to where I am only down to four. Each day is my life is working with patients willing to work on this lifestyle change and treat cannabis as the medicine that it is.” said Nere.

It’s an office built to network across Connecticut’s cannabis landscape.

“There’s a real need from the business perspective. The medical perspective and the knowledge aspect,” said Smith-Bolden.

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