A CT connection to new high tech system in the operating room


A hectic operating room schedule ahead for noted foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Peter Blume,  “Alright, I’ll take a blade.” 

This foot reconstruction surgery typically takes four hours.

“We need the ortho basic set please.” says Dr. Blume   

But a high tech delivery system aims at reducing the time in the OR by up to 30 percent.

Dr. Blume says, “To me it’s like an Uber and an Amazon delivery in bringing technology into the operating room.” 

The GEO Cart, which Dr. Blume helped to design, serves up pre-sterilized implants and instruments – everything a surgeon would need.  

“It takes away the worries of as a surgeon as you’re operating,” he says, “Do you have the right size screws, do you have the right level of screws, do you have all the equipment with you?”

A lot less to worry about — in the midst of orchestrating a complex effort.   

Critical to patient safety, explains Michael Simpson, CEO of Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics. 

 “Lower infection rates because everything is pre-sterilized because the hospital doesn’t have to clean anything. Everything that is needed is also disposable, so they don’t have to clean up anything after the case.”

There’s also radio frequency identification. 

Simpson says, “So the system will be able to read exactly what was used.  That information is collected, tracked, sent back, determined what’s used and replace the product.”    

Surgical nurses like Natasha Zadorojnyi welcome the breakthrough change. 

“It’s single use.  There’s never a question in that something was placed inadvertently that was used on a previous case so we definitely know the sterility is guaranteed.” 

Currently, the technology is being used only for foot and ankle surgical procedures.  

The hope is is it will have a wider application to include most surgeries.

For morei information go to http://gramercyortho.com/

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