Abby Lee Miller says ‘Dance Moms’ was harmful to her ‘mental health’


(ABC) — “Dance Moms” choreographer Abby Lee Miller has opened up about her reasons for quitting her popular reality show.

Speaking to “Access Hollywood,” the Lifetime star, 50, said the show has taken a toll on her mental health.

“I’m trying to put my Spanx on or my bra or come out of the bathroom and there’s a camera and a boom [microphone] and this producer in my face,” she explained. “That’s why I’m a raving lunatic, when you see the show, because they’re in the bedroom.”

She continued, “They know how to push my buttons but it’s gone beyond that, to the point where it is so offensive as a woman. I think it’s detrimental to my health, to my mental health, to everything. It’s awful. There’s no privacy, there’s no respect.”

Lifetime declined to comment to ABC News.

On Sunday, Miller abruptly announced on Instagram that she was quitting the show after seven seasons.

“For the past six years/seven seasons I have asked, begged, and even demanded creative credit for all the ideas, award-winning routines, themes and costuming to no avail. Today, I was so proud that I went against the producer’s idea (once again) to enter a command performance of one of my favorite numbers,” she wrote on Instagram. “I don’t have a problem working with any kid, I love children and have dedicated my life to making other people’s children successful. I just have a problem with being manipulated, disrespected, and used day in and day out by men who never took a dance lesson in their lives and treat women like that.”

On “Access Hollywood,” Miller explained that she had felt this way for some time.

“You just get to a point where you can’t take it anymore and I have been at that point for at least a year,” she said.

“I’m fed up,” she continued. “And I feel as a woman, and dealing with young females at my dance studio, and guys, that I keep going back because they dangle that carrot in front of you. I’m worth more than that. It’s not about the money. It’s about the respect. It’s about the trust. That I’m gonna come out with a number that’s gonna be fabulous, that the kids could win with. I don’t get that trust. I don’t get that respect. I don’t want flowers or candy or anything like that, I just want somebody to say, ‘Wow, you’ve done a great job.'”

On the show, Miller teaches young dancers at her Abby Lee Dance Company studios in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh.

Lifetime has not released an official statement about the status of the series, though a source from the TV network told ABC News that the show can continue without her.

The network plans to have guest choreographers fill in for Miller, the source said. Former “Dancing With the Stars” pro Cheryl Burke is among those who are scheduled to appear in the future.

Meanwhile, Miller’s troubles continue off set. In June, she plead guilty to hiding about $775,000 from a bankruptcy court after filing for Chapter 11. She’s scheduled to be sentenced in Pittsburgh on May 8 and could face prison time.

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