NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — After the abduction of Eliza Fletcher in Memphis, officials are reminding joggers to be on alert when running outside. 

While an abduction is rare, it’s still important to pay attention to all of your surroundings when you’re running. 

Whether you are running your normal route or trying a new trail, experts say you should pay attention to anything out of the ordinary and be prepared to react. 

“You don’t have to investigate; you don’t have to speak to anybody. You’re on a run, keeping running, and really have a plan to react to something if it changes from what’s really normal during your runs,” said Gary MacNamara, a retired Fairfield police chief. 

He says no matter what time of day it is, the danger is still a threat. 

“You always want to run with confidence, and you always want to run and be aware and portray strength and portray that you are really aware of your surroundings,” he said. 

Police shared the following safety tips to keep in mind while running outdoors:

  • If you’re listening to music, keep one earbud out
  • Run against oncoming traffic
  • Let someone know the route you’re taking
  • Avoid secluded or dark areas. 

News 8 spoke to some runners on the Farmington Canal Trail to find out what safety precautions they take. 

“I always usually let people know when I’m going on a run or where I’ll be. Sometimes I do try to switch up when I run just in case there is someone who knows I run at that time. But if I’m running alone, keep pepper spray or something on me as well,” said Courtney Johnson, a student at Yale. 

Liz Godfrey of New Haven says she only jogs in places she’s familiar with. 

“I only go where there’s well-manicured trails, well lit, places where other females have recommended that you jog or other vulnerable people that recommended where you jog. It’s just sort of something that’s always in the back of your mind,” she said.