Legal team of Alex Jones, family members of Sandy Hook victims appear in state supreme court


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– Lawyers for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones appeared in Connecticut Supreme Court Thursday. Justices heard his appeal in a defamation suit filed by families of Sandy Hook victims.

Alex Jones spent years claiming the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary never happened. He now admits that was nonsense, but some viewers of his internet talk show actually believed it and they harassed those families until some of them took Jones to court.

As part of the suit, the families requested lots of Jones’ emails. In June, attorney Chris Mattei discovered child pornography mixed in with those emails. He reported it to law enforcement, but then Jones went on his show in a rage, offering a big reward and saying whoever planted the porn, he wanted their head on a pike.

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“So, from our perspective, Mr. Jones had every right to offer a million dollar reward to find out who did this, he had every right to express rage,” said Norm Pattis, Attorney for Alex Jones.

But the reason this case is now in the State Supreme Court is that Jones went on to say allegedly threatening things about Chris Mattei. Rage is kind of Jones’s thing, but Mattei’s colleague said it has no place in a legal case.

“Because what the court is saying is that if you want to sue somebody who is so notoriously bad and will do anything, you better think twice because, guess what, he won’t just be bad, and he won’t just flout deadlines, but he will make threats against your life,” said Josh Koskoff, Attorney for Families.

Jones’ Attorney, Norm Pattis, said his client has a right to speak his mind, and threw opposing counsel’s words right back at him.

“There is nothing about this case that has merit, and I don’t know why Mr. Jones should be required to undergo the expense of this litigation when his view is, and I share it, that the stated objective here is to silence a man who is – quote – ‘notoriously bad.’ I mean, what was that?” said Pattis.

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It was the same kind of language the lower court judge used when she sanctioned Jones for his rant in June, and the families’ attorney think she was right

“We can’t have a court system that a litigant treats as their playground and in which they are the bully. It just would fall apart,” said Koskoff.

When they wrapped up oral arguments, the chief justice first said he thought they might have a decision in his case Thursday, but then they came out and said, there won’t be a decision Thursday, so now we are not sure when the court might have a decision in this case.

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