Alexion moving out comes as a shock to city officials


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Alexion Pharmaceuticals moving out of New Haven came as a shock to city officials. President of the Greater New Haven Chamber, Tony Rescigno said, “It is horrible. We don’t want anyone to go.” The company plans to move 400 jobs to Boston when they move in 2018. Rescigno said they are trying to understand the company’s motivation to move out. Rescigno added, “They are saying that they want to be in a mass market of bio-science companies where once again If someone losses their job in one company they can go across the street to another one.”

Mayor Toni Harp said there needs to be infrastructure to support big corporations and Tweed Airport needs a runway expansion. Mayor Harp added, “It should be instructive to us to make sure that any sales force has the ability to get out and around the world to do their work and that’s by making sure that we have an airport that is full service and right now we don’t because we haven’t been able to pave the runway safety areas.”

Rescigno said the city has a ribbon cutting just about once a week for new businesses. Rescigno added, “There are a lot of businesses that want to be here. We’ve got all sorts of law firms, accounting firms and insurance companies that are expanding and they are doing it here.” The company moved into their current location in 2016.

Those who work in the area can’t believe it. Sarah Thompson added, “They just spent a year building this building and all the huge parking garage.” People are speculating why a company that recently moved here would leave. Reed Bobroff said, “Taxes are so high in this state that it is really hard for companies to come in here and sustain themselves in a way that they can in other places like Boston or New York.”

Thompson told NEWS8, “I don’t know if it’s maybe they just want to get out of Connecticut. I know our taxes and everything are going up so maybe it’s better for bigger business in other states” Rescigno added, “I think if the state’s financial condition was better there would be less reason for people to be thinking about leaving and there would be more people wanting to come in.”

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