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Allergy season returns


Spring has finally sprung! All right, not really.

It’s been really cold the last couple of months, but there are some trees starting to bud out there. So, if you’re sneezing and coughing right now, you might not be sick, it might be your allergies already acting up.

Rodney Ledbetter, an allergy sufferer, notes, “Ugh, Hay Fever…Runny eyes, runny nose, you know. It’s terrible though.”

It’s that time of the year yet again where the pollen count is on the rise. Over the next three days, the pollen count will go from medium all the way to high, and it will get worse heading closer to May.

“I’m on Claritin and Nasacort, both,” mentioned Mark Bauer of New Haven.

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Delisa Tolson noted as she walked into a grocery store to pick up some allergy medicine, “When the flowers start blooming in spring time, my allergies kick in. Right now, my throat is sore, and that’s from the post-nasal drip and that scratches your throat.”

So, how can you tell that it’s allergies you’re suffering from and not the flu?

Dr. Robert McLean of Northeast Medical Group warned, “The more numerous the symptoms, the more likely that it might be some sort of viral or other respiratory illness.

So, how should you feel if you’re suffering from allergies?

“When people have allergies, it’s basically the body’s response to producing histamine which causes certain reactions. So, they get a runny nose, they may get itchy eyes, sometimes reddish eyes, but they shouldn’t be feverish, they shouldn’t be really coughing actively, they shouldn’t really feel bad,” said Dr. McLean.

However, it is important to note that people with asthma may have additional allergic reactions, so not all conditions are the same. Unfortunately, the downside to the beautiful spring flowers we’ll start to see over the coming months is going to be a pollen count that will continue to rise, so make sure you get checked out with an allergist if you’re exhibiting the symptoms.

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