COVENTRY, Conn. (WTNH) — Tucked away in a serene spot in Coventry, you can find this week’s animal celebrity at the Round Hill Alpaca Farm.

The farm houses almost 30 alpacas, including Snowmass Enchanted Cashmere. As her name suggests, Cashmere sports the finest fiber!

“Her sire and dam are both multi-champion male and females, so that’s what makes her so special—because of her fiber and from her breeding,” said Randy Hall, of Round Hill Alpacas.

Alpacas are known for their soft, hypoallergenic fleece. At Round Hill Alpacas, each bundle of yarn comes with a story.

Alpacas are herd animals, who do not like to be alone.

“Alpacas are herd animals, alpacas need a buddy. You can’t have just one, you need two little buddies.”

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The Hall Family started the Round Hill Alpaca Farm with two little buddies all for their son, Curtis, who has autism.

“So all of this came to be because of our son, Curt, who has autism.  We were looking for an animal that Curt might like or could be friends with.  We looked at cows, we looked at sheep, we looked at goats, we looked at a lot of animals and they were either too big or too noisy.  Somebody said, have you looked at alpacas?  And we were like, what are those?”

Alpacas are gentle, highly sociable, and easily trained, which really makes them the perfect pet—including people with and without disabilities.

Now you can find almost thirty alpacas on the farm!  

“We have other people with disabilities that come can work with the alpacas because they’re very gentle, very easy, very docile, and they’re very quiet… The only noise they make—is they hum—that’s how they talk to each other.”

Cashmere spends her days paling with the other ‘pacas—but also waiting for another kind of p”aca pal!”

“She’s been to a few farmer’s markets and we have a 4-H club, called Paca Pals.  All the kids want to walk Cashmere.  Every monthly meeting, someone is walking her around the yard,” Hill said.

If you want to meet Cashmere or her other “paca pals,” you can make an appointment to come to Round Hill Alpacas. You can check out their website or Facebook page!

No need to PACA sweater to see them this Saturday—the weather looks fantastic at Cassidy Hill Vineyard in Coventry!  Randy and ​Cashmere will be there from 11 to 5.

And Cashmere will be getting lots of attention this summer as she is set to walk down the aisle at Randy’s daughter’s wedding in August.