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Bear that ate Burlington goats still loose, bear sightings normal for rural state residents

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It’s that time of year, the bear population is out of hibernation roaming the countryside and back yards looking for food.

There is one particular bear in Burlington that has neighbors worried. In the most recent case, the black bear scaled a 6 foot high chain link fence and was able to get inside the goat pen. 

Farmer Chester Dunlop is planting an apple orchard in Burlington, keeping one eye in the woods as they put the trees in the ground. A bear has been killing livestock just up the road from here.

“Five goats down the street, and I heard some goats were killed down on Johnnycake too,” Dunlop said.

Bear traps are common in this area, from Burlington, to Harwington, New Hartford, and Simsbury, it’s bear country.

In the past year, people in this area have had the most nuisance bear calls in the state, including reports of them ripping roofs off of chicken coops and endangering the farm animals.

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Bear sightings in the country, it’s not a surprise to people out here. They say bears wander around quite frequently.

One bear, for them, is not a big deal. A mother and cub pair, however, that’s when you have to be on high alert!

Kana Chavez from Burlington said, “They wander through our property, and only really concerns me when there’s a mother and cub.”

DEEP bear biologists say this particular bear that attacked the goats is still on the loose. They have set a trap, but they are warning residents to take down the birdfeeders, because they are really bear feeders. Keep the trash inside and that will help you keep the wildlife wild.

“The only thing I’m really concerned about is my dog, I try to keep a close eye on him anytime he’s outside, I never let him outside alone,” Chavez said.

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