GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WTNH) — “Buddy the Beefalo” who was on the run in Connecticut for several months arrived in his “forever home” at a sanctuary in Florida Thursday. But rescuers say his adjustment hasn’t been smooth.

Buddy was on the run in Plymouth, CT for eight months after escaping from a slaughterhouse in Massachusetts in August 2020. With the help of some neighbors and the Plymouth Police Department leaving out food and keeping an eye on him, Buddy made it through the cold Connecticut winter.

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Buddy’s saga captured the imagination of those across Connecticut and the nation.

Thursday, April 22, 2021, he finally arrived at his “forever home” at Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in Gainesville, FL.

The sanctuary posted Thursday, “Connecticut’s most famous biso-moo (or moo-son?) arrived this morning.”

They say he was a little hesitant to get out of the trailer that had transported him from the Nutmeg State to the Sunshine State. They add, “In fact, he was so hesitant, that within about two minutes he had jumped the fence of the pen and gone into the horse pasture.”

They say he seemed to want to be around other cows and bulls, so they moved some into Buddy’s holding pen. It worked, until Buddy escaped his pen again, nearly crushing a couple of employees. This time he ended up in a pen with some cows and seems content there, the sanctuary says.

Friday, Critter Creek said “Buddy the biso-cow” – as they call him, saying it’s the most accurate name since he is a mix of a cow and a bison, not a buffalo – was significantly more comfortable in his new home. Rescuers say they expected this change since travel and new locations tend to stress out all animal, but “animals tend to relax when they are surrounded by other animals who are relaxed and happy.”

Saturday, Captain Ed Benecchi of Plymouth PD visited Buddy at Critter Creek and shared photos of their visit.

The police department thanks everyone involved in keeping Buddy alive through the winter, his capture, and his transportation to Florida.

“Thank you to everyone involved in his safe capture and transportation down to Florida and thank you to all those that donated,” they said. “Without your generosity, this adventure would have been even more difficult to come to this happy ending.”

“We have so many people to thank for this rescue,” Critter Creek said on Facebook. “In particular Captain Ed Benecchi, the Plymouth Police Department, and the community of Plymouth, Connecticut. Thank you all for showing Buddy compassion and care. We were also assisted in this rescue in a significant way by another sanctuary organization. This organization wants to remain anonymous, so we can’t thank them by name, but I’d still like to acknowledge everything they did for Buddy. Not only did they transport him to us free of charge, but they coordinated his vet visit and ensured that everything was in order for his transport.”

On May 4, Critter Creek posted about Buddy, sharing a video of a sanctuary worker feeding him treats. They said, “Today, when I was dropping off treats, he took some from my hand, and he even let me pet him! I’m ecstatic that Buddy feels comfortable enough to do this. It lets me know that he understands he’s safe, which is the first step towards his long-term happiness. ❤️

On June 11 2021, Critter Creek reported Buddy had fully integrated into the herd.

“We are so thrilled Buddy’s story has had such a happy ending. As always, we can’t thank the Plymouth PD and the Plymouth community enough for rallying behind Buddy and making sure he got to his safe place.”

If you would like to contribute to Buddy and his new buddies, visit the Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary website to make a donation.