PLYMOUTH, Conn. (WTNH) — ‘Buddy’ the ever-elusive ‘beefalo’ has been captured, Plymouth Police announced Wednesday.

Police have been attempting to catch the 1,000-pound bison/bovine hybrid since Aug. 3, 2020, when he escaped from a nearby slaughterhouse in Massachusetts.

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Plymouth Police have been keeping an eye on him in the woods of Plymouth since last year, employing a fence and even thermal imaging at one point to aid in their watch. Meanwhile, neighbors left food and a trailer in the hopes to not only keep him alive through the cold winter but to capture him.

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In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the police department announced, “His capture was the result of a community effort from spotting him, feeding him throughout the winter, and to the experts who were able to make the final capture. We would like to thank all those who brought this adventure to a successful resolution.”

Buddy headed to Massachusetts over the weekend for a full veterinarian exam. Sunday, Plymouth PD reported, “He is doing very well. He had a veterinarian checkup which he passed. The vet said he was in good health and very ‘athletic-looking.'”

Buddy started his journey to Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida on Wednesday, April 21, where Captain Benecchi of Plymouth PD will be visiting him.

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In a post on Facebook Wednesday, the police department said the journey came, “A little later than we expected but he is doing just fine as he mooooooves to his new home. We will let you know when he arrives.”

If you would like to donate to Buddy please go to the Critter Creek page. Your donation will be for the care of Buddy and his new friends at the sanctuary.