MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — A family from Vermont experienced a Christmas miracle first-hand when their cat, who had been missing since July, was located five months later.

Susan lost her cat, Minka, back in July at the I-91 rest stop while on her way back home to Vermont.

Although it may have seemed that Minka was gone forever, the Middletown Animal Control received a call last week after the state’s first snow storm about a black cat in the median of I-91 near the rest stop.

Animal control officers went to the rest stop and found Minka. Although she took off running, they set multiple humane traps with tuna and sardines for days. Then, on Monday, when they went to check the trap, Minka was inside.

Once back at the shelter, a scan found the microchip and confirmed that it was Susan’s cat. While she was dirty, skinny, and covered in ticks, MAC said she was otherwise okay.

Susan drove four hours from Vermont on Tuesday and reunited with her furbaby. Susan told MAC that she never thought this day would come, but she was always hoping — she even kept all of Minka’s things.

Minka’s human is grateful for Courtney, the woman who repeatedly called MAC after seeing the cat on the highway.

“We have an amazing community and ACO team!” MAC said in a Facebook post. “We are all so happy that Minka got her Christmas Wish!”