NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Our pets are part of our families, a special bond with unconditional love.  But sadly, sometimes families are faced with the tough decision to keep or lose a pet, whether it’s due to unemployment, homelessness, or deployment. 

The Connecticut Humane Society (CHS) recently started a new program that will hopefully help families never have to make the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to a furry family member.

“It was clearly a long-term relationship for this nice lady and the cat loved her mom, too. So, we came together as a team and said, let’s see if we can find a foster home,” Theresa Geary said.

After a desperate call from a woman in the community, the Connecticut Humane Society staff and volunteers came together and started a crisis foster program for families in need.

“We said, let’s create this program. It isn’t a big program, but it is an important one for the people we are able to serve,” Geary said.

This program isn’t just limited to families with a housing, medical, or financial crisis, it includes military members who are being deployed. Recently, a pet named Chester was reunited with his dad after he returned from deployment.

“They are profusely thankful, and they don’t even know how to express that gratitude because they didn’t have to lose a family member to overcome a crisis in their life,” Geary said.

While the need has been a little greater during the pandemic, the need will still be there when it’s over, so that’s why CHS is hoping more community members will volunteer to become foster families.

“We are in desperate need of volunteers that are willing to open their hearts and their homes to new pets. We provide support while they’re being fostered by you, whether it’s a short-term or long-term foster scenario,” James Bias said.

Even if you can only help once, or if it’s for a short period of time, it makes a big difference in a pet’s life.

Sadly, there have been too many posts about pets being abandoned lately. Whether it’s a housing crisis, trouble affording pet food, help is available. CHS encourages you to call them, so they can direct you to various resources.  

If you decide you want to be a foster parent, please go to CTHUMANE.ORG.