NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The 234th International K9 Training Troop graduated from the Connecticut State Police K9 Unit on Thursday, according to authorities.

The K-9 teams underwent specialized training in electronic storage detection. The new graduates will help keep communities safe by assisting law enforcement agencies with various types of investigations. The teams are trained to assist in cases involving human trafficking, counter-terrorism, homicide, sexual assault, organized crime, child pornography and child exploitation.

The teams can search for and locate electronic devices that store digital evidence. The devices include cell phones, flash drives, SD cards, hidden GPS trackers, and AirTags, in addition to auditory and video equipment.

State police said the K9s teams are trained to find the items inside buildings, parcels, luggage, open areas and secure facilities as well as inside commercial and passenger vehicles.

Law enforcement agencies interested in requesting the assistance of the ESD K-9 teams to support active investigations or to request seats in future ESD K-9 training and certification classes can contact the CSP K-9 Training Unit at or at (203) 630-5656.

The K9 teams are pictured in the following order:

The front row from left to right:

  • Det. Jessica Genest and K-9 Georgie (Connecticut State Police)
  • Sgt. Jaime Sitko & K-9 Quaid (NYPD Counter Terrorism Bureau)
  • Ofc. Andrew Nader and K-9 Robie (NYPD Counter Terrorism Bureau)

The back row from left to right:

  • Ofc. Jason Masis and K-9 Sadies (Connecticut Department of Corrections)
  • Ofc. Jeffrey Wilkam and K-9 Hugh (NYPD Counter Terrorism Bureau)
  • Ofc. Mark McNair and K-9 Vivian (Correctional Service of Canada)
  • Ofc. Martin Boisvert and K-9 Poppy (Correctional Service of Canada)