WILLIMANTIC, Conn. (WTNH) — A river otter is receiving care for severe head trauma at a Connecticut wildlife rehab after being struck by a car in Willimantic and the Connecticut community has come together to help.

According to Sherry Harmon at Nutmeg Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation in Plainfield, she received a call from a woman who reported an animal she identified as a fisher cat hurt in the roadway.

Upon arrival, Harmon identified the animal in distress as an adult river otter, an animal she had never cared for before. Although Harmon had never worked with a river otter before, it did not deter her from helping an animal in need.

Harmon secured the river otter in a carrying crate and brought him home to the Nutmeg Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation, where he received treatment for severe head trauma, as he was bleeding from his head and mouth.

The next morning, the otter was taken to the vet for radiographs and treatment. He suffered severe head trauma and was concussed but he had no broken bones. The otter was given a guarded but hopeful prognosis, Harmon said.

According to Harmon, the otter has received supportive care including medications to reduce swelling and keep him comfortable. He is showing slow but steady improvement and has been spending his days basking in the sun.

Harmon also asked the community for fish donations and they delivered- with almost 40 pounds of fish.

The otter has been able to enjoy a diet of pickerel, sunfish, bluegill, crappie and his favorite – trout.

Nutmeg Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation is asking for donations toward an aquatic animal enclosure to help other marine animals in the future. If you are interested in donating you may do so here.

For those interested in following the otter’s journey to recovery you can check out the Nutmeg Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation’s Facebook account.

The wildlife rehab is also holding an online auction with the funds being donated to the dedicated aquatic animal enclosure from May 23- 30.