MOSSUP, Conn (WTNH) — Wednesday is World Otter Day!

Local wildlife rehabbers in Connecticut are doing their part to ensure injured and orphan otters get the proper care.

Sherry Harmon, who operates Nutmeg Acres Wildlife Facility in Moosup helped to rescue an orphaned female river otter pup last week, according to the wildlife facility’s Facebook Page.

Harmon said she was contacted by another wildlife rehabber in Middletown, who had been notified that the otter pup had been approaching people and trying to suck on their shoes.

According to Harmon, it became apparent the river otter had been separated from her mother due to its size and dehydration status. When the pup was rescued she weighed under two pounds.

Connecticut wildlife rehab helps critically injured river otter hit by car

After Harmon took the orphaned river otter into her care she continued to give her fluids and put her in an incubator. Harmon took her to the vet, who said she was only suffering from mild dehydration and appeared to be in good health.

The veterinarian recommended the otter be fed every four hours with formula. The otter will also need a diet full of fresh fatty fish like trout to keep her healthy. Any anglers interested in donating fresh fish can contact the wildlife rehab facility.

Nutmeg Wildlife Rehab is also asking for donations to build a complete wildlife rehab mammal enclosure to help save more animals in the future.