(WTNH) — While people are spending a lot of time at home during the coronavirus outbreak, many are deciding now is the time to get a new dog. But are people prepared as pet owners once the pandemic is over?

We’re all spending a lot more time at home and for many it seems like the perfect time to adopt, but before you bring a new pet into your life, there are some things you need to think about.”

We could all use a little extra love, and that could help clear Connecticut shelters

Pack Leaders rescue out of East Hartford is busier than ever, transporting dogs from other states in danger of being euthanized.

We’re blessed in Connecticut that we’ve seen a slowdown so far from what we’ve heard with animals going to shelters, but that’s not sustainable. As things happen, people will have to surrender their animals, so if we can keep our shelters as open as possible, we’re going to be saving as many lives as possible.

– Americo Cateni/ Pack Leaders Rescue

Their rescue service is considered essential. Some of the dogs they’ve recently brought in are about to have puppies. So, is it time for you to adopt?

Clarke told News 8, “We had been researching puppies a long time, and originally our plan was to get a puppy in the summer, — we realized everyone is now home now so this is the perfect time to get the dog, to get the pet, we feel like,”

But Americo says to think past the quarantine.

“I know it seems like the best time because you’re at home,” Americo says, “but make sure you do your homework. Make sure that after this crisis is over that you have thought about all the things that you’re required to do with a dog now that you’ve taken it in and made it a family member”

If you’ve decided this is the right time for you, rescues have altered their process to meet social distancing policies, you can work with each rescue to find a way to adopt that works for you.