‘Don’t feed the wildlife’: New law in some CT towns to protect residents

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(WTNH) — You’ve seen the signs that say “Don’t feed the wildlife,” but it may become a new law in your city or town.

After a series of bear interactions in the state, a lot of towns and cities are considering upgrading that suggestion into a law so it raises awareness.

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It’s something as simple as a dog food bowl that is left outside, a bird feeder, a compost pile; it can attract wild animals like bears, turkeys, or coyotes.

Biologists at DEEP say even a grease tray can be an attractant for unwanted wildlife.

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“Once they start checking out the garbage cans, then they’ll start checking out other things around the house, and it’s not long before they’ve knocked over your barbecue grill, or they try to get into the garage.

Even small things that we don’t think about or take for granted, can make a big difference.

– Jenny Dickson, Director of Wildlife Division, DEEP

Experts say, don’t deliberately leave food for wild animals; they can fend for themselves and it will only create a familiarity with humans that may not be safe for either us or the animals.

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