(WTNH) — The pandemic has been tough on a lot of families, and that includes families with pets. Pet food shortages have been going on for months, and that has caused the price of pet food and pet supplies to skyrocket.

Many pet owners have been struggling to fill their pet’s food bowls and local shelters have been struggling to keep food on their shelves.

But Wednesday, one shelter was helping to give back to their community. On this beautiful, warm day, the Friends of New Haven Animal Shelter held a drive-thru pet pantry for folks to drive up, grab some pet supplies, and bring them back home.  

All of this was made possible by a very generous donor.

Jake Blumenfeld, who donated pet supplies for New Haven residents, told News 8, “The pandemic has created hardships for members of the community. In December 2020, I saw the need in Bridgeport, so I worked with the commission and animal control there to bring pet supplies to over 220 families. Seeing the need first-hand showed that there’s more to be done. I grew up in the New Haven area and thought this would be a great opportunity to give back to that community.”

If you ever need help with pet supplies, the New Haven Animal Shelter has its own pet food pantry for you to visit throughout the year.

Animal Control Officers and volunteers try to work with families to avoid having animals surrendered. But if you must give up your pet, please surrender them to a shelter or rescue group, don’t abandon them.