Halloween decorations can be dangerous to wildlife

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(WTNH)– Halloween is just a week away and many homes are already decorated for the holiday. While all those decorations make your house look great, they can be dangerous to birds and other wildlife.

Once the calendar flips to October, we start thinking about Halloween costumes and Halloween decorations. While pumpkins and yard decorations are fun visually, you may not think about how some could affect wildlife.

Ghosts, orange lights, and tombstones are fun and perfectly fine, but putting those fake cobwebs in bushes and trees, can actually be harmful to our flying friends. This time of year, we see migrating birds and hummingbirds, which fly around our homes and looking for food. From small hummingbirds, to wrens, and even owls, have been known to get caught in these fake spiderwebs.

“They’re very fine fabric that will wrap around their legs, their bodies and they get caught and the fibers are stronger than a normal spiderweb, so they can’t break free. People end up finding owls trapped, dead, dangling…wrens, smaller birds, usually insect birds, but any bird that flies through can get caught,” said Matthew Male, Audubon Shop in Madison.

Matthew also mentioned that the insect-eating birds, like wrens, will be attracted to the fake spiders some people put in those cobwebs. And the problems aren’t just limited to birds, but also squirrels that climb trees covered in these webs, as well as bees and dragonflies.

So you may want to think twice about these webs if you have plans to decorate your yard this weekend.

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