BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Rhubarb the sloth is ready to take over Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo.

On Thursday, Rhubarb the two-toed sloth was inaugurated as the zoo’s new mayor. Ahead of the swearing-in ceremony, the Farmyard Party issued a statement on behalf of the current mayor, Harry the Guinea Hog, promising allegiance to Rhubarb and a smooth transfer of power. Goncalo the maned wolf will serve as Rhubarb’s runner-up.

Rhubarb made history as the first sloth to hold the zoo’s highest office. Only time will tell how he will serve the zoo during his 12-month term.

Rhubarb the sloth | Photo courtesy Beardsley Zoo

“Rhubarb will not be in a hurry to make changes, but he promises not to leave his constituents hanging,” Zoo Director Gregg Dancho said. “By electing an animal as mayor of the Zoo, we hope to recognize the unique contributions of our animal family and highlight the importance of biodiversity to the planet.”

See Rhubarb, along with all his constituents, at the Beardsley Zoo this season. Find tickets here.