WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Social media users are buzzing after residents in Waterbury started reporting sightings of a pig roaming the streets.

The pig has since been identified as Peaches and its owner was found.

The pig had been spotted in the downtown area.

Amanda Santiago said she saw the pig on Wednesday. It was in the grass on the side of the street at Kalamazoo Avenue and West Main Street but then took off. It hasn’t been seen since.

Unable to believe what she just saw, she did what many others would have done: She grabbed her cellphone and started taking pictures to document the crazy sighting.

“It was very odd,” she said.

Santiago then posted the pictures to Facebook and it spread like wildfire.

Locals said the animal’s presence is a bit off because there are no farms around.

“It’s just like it doesn’t belong here,” said Santiago. “Like there’s no farming around here, it’s all like apartment buildings and houses. There’s no farms at all around here so …”

Santiago reported the sighting to the police, but by the time officers arrived, it was gone.

Residents said they’re keeping a close eye out for the piggy too, especially in high traffic areas, adding that they hope he makes it all the way home.

“I hope he’s okay and doesn’t turn into bacon,” said a concerned resident.