(WTNH) — We have an update on Buddy the Beefalo! Plymouth Police say they know exactly where he is — and they have a plan to capture him. 

Buddy, the 1,000 lb. pound bison/bovine hybrid has been on the loose since August after escaping a slaughterhouse. 

Police Captain Ed Benecchi said they have a plan, they just need better weather. 

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“The person who’s been helping attempt to capture him has now developed a pretty good bond with this animal,” said Captain Ed Benecchi, Plymouth Police.

Police have placed a trailer in the backyard of a person who lives in the area and feels confident they’ll be able to capture him soon.

“The issue we have right now is weather,” said Benecchi. “We’re unable to get him because, once he’s captured, we have to get a pick-up in order to get the trailer, and the snow and soft ground is really causing a problem there.”

Benecchi said they’ve been feeding Buddy the Beefalo and giving him water as a way to keep him from heading onto any roads — they want to prevent anyone getting hurt. Once Buddy is captured, he’ll be sent to a sanctuary in Florida. 

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