SAN DIEGO, CALI. (WTNH) – The San Diego Humane Society has named several of their pets after UConn Huskies players because they lost a bet with the Connecticut Humane Society.

The NCAA national championship game between the UConn Huskies and San Diego State Aztecs men’s basketball teams inspired the Connecticut Humane Society to challenge the San Diego Humane Society to see who would win the big game on Monday.  

UConn championship parade and rally scheduled for Saturday

Whoever lost the wager had to name three pets after the winning team, and the opposing humane society would get to choose the names.

Following UConn’s big win, the San Diego Humane Society named three of its pets after three UConn players from Connecticut.

The chosen names are Donovan Clingan, Andrew Hurley and Andre Johnson Jr. The pictures are on the Connecticut Humane Society’s Facebook Page here.

The Connecticut Humane Society is encouraging people to take a local winner home. You can visit their website here.